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A Playground For Everybody

For most children at South Park Elementary in Tsawwassen, the playground’s jungle gym is a place to jump and swing around and relieve that pent up energy. But for Grade 5 student Nicola Schmidt, who makes use of a wheelchair, she could only sit and

Fields Of Learning

Contributed by Christine Terpsma By walking through a grocery store or a farmers market, it is evident that agriculture is a big part of our local economy. Local potatoes can be readily purchased. Delta peas, carrots and beans are stocked in the freezer aisle. Blueberries are


Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual discipline with origins in Hinduism and Buddhism, but despite its ancient traditions many practitioners are using modern technology to connect. Which is entirely appropriate, as explained by Shanti Yoga’s founder and teacher Chantal O’Sullivan. “The word yoga means

Merchants Want You To #DiscoverLadner

Those visiting Ladner in the past few months may have noticed some startling changes. Trees have been uprooted, construction is underway on Delta Street, and some parking has been blocked off. The construction is part of a $6-million Delta Street Revitalization Project, which began last