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Category Archives: Something Social

Something Social: The Run Inn Club

People start running for all kinds of different reasons. Some get into it to lose weight, some want to improve their cardiovascular fitness to improve another sport, and others simply enjoy the rhythm and movement. Kevin Ridley, owner of the Run Inn in Tsawwassen and

Something Social: Tsawwassen Order of Old Bastards

You can’t stop getting older but becoming an “old bastard”is a choice, one that Tsawwassen resident David Fredricksen made happily six years ago. The current president of the Tsawwassen Order of Old Bastards (TOOB) was asked to join by a former president (arch bastard) and

Something Social: Delta Photo Club

If you’ve ever driven the overpass on Deltaport Way toward Ladner as the sparkling, shimmering golden wheat comes into view and thought to yourself that this deserves to be photographed, you might just be a candidate for the Delta Photo Club. A group of like-minded

Something Social: Ladner Tennis Club

Picture this: it’s a bright summer day and you’re walking past the tennis courts in your neighbourhood. Suddenly you see a blur of colours from the corner of your eye as somebody dives for the ball and, with a loud and satisfying “thwok”, returns it

Something Social: Delta Deas Rowing Club

A metaphor often used for teamwork is the image of a rowing quad, pulling together in unity and with precision, the strength of the group relying on every member giving their all. Susan Macdonald of the Delta Deas Rowing Club can appreciate the metaphor all

Something Social: Cycling in South Delta

When Mike Cornelius began cycling for fun and fitness he mostly kept to himself at his own pace. He was curious when seeing riders in uniforms but felt intimidated to approach any groups. Then a friend of his began riding with the Boundary Bay Cycling