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A happy mind: Battling mental illness

If one were to meet twenty-five-year-old Denise Askin, she is by all accounts a dynamic young entrepreneur. A health and fitness coach who also runs a hair styling business, she sits on the Ladner Business Association’s board of directors. With her friendly smile, confident speaking

Caber the Caring K9

On the sunny sands of Centennial Beach, Caber the Delta Police Trauma K9 looks a lot like any dog out for a walk. But as I approach him there’s definitely something different about him. A calmness, a serenity to his friendly gaze. “He doesn’t have

A Day At the Farm in Ladner

The heat rising off the fields at Westham Island Herb Farm carries the rich smell of fertile soil amid the wafting fragrance of summer flowers. The resident donkey’s eyelids droop in the midday heat as a woman and her daughter pay him a visit. The

Delta Career Fair: Commercial Pilot

Few human desires are more universal than the dream to spread your wings and soar through the sky like a bird. For some, that dream has become a reality by becoming a commercial pilot. “There are people who will wake up in the morning and

Delta Career Fair: Police Constable

Sometimes picking a job you’re going to do for the rest of your life can be difficult. The fear of becoming a mundane and routine worker bee isn’t exactly enticing. In fact, experts recommend you change your job every three to five years to keep

Delta Career Fair: Trailer Technician

When high school field trips meander through Ocean Trailer’s huge facility in Tilbury Industrial Park most students mainly look and nod quietly. But a select few see a golden career opportunity. “It’s not too often that you get students that come through that interject themselves

A Good Home For Every Pony

When the lead comes off of Joey’s harness you’d think he was more dog than pony. For a split decision he freezes as though unsure which direction to go, before he bolts toward the edge of the circular paddock and then begins sprinting around us