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Something Social: Delta Photo Club

Delta Photo Club, courtesy Karen Pacheco

Photo credit: Delta Photo Club, courtesy Karen Pacheco

If you’ve ever driven the overpass on Deltaport Way toward Ladner as the sparkling, shimmering golden wheat comes into view and thought to yourself that this deserves to be photographed, you might just be a candidate for the Delta Photo Club.

A group of like-minded photography enthusiasts, their membership consists of photographers with a variety of styles, techniques and abilities.

Karen Pacheco, a member of the Delta Photo Club and representative of the Canadian Association for Photographic Arts, says it can be intimidating to meet other photographers who are more experienced. But when she first visited the club years ago she quickly learned there was nothing to worry about.

“I found I quite enjoyed it, the people there were friendly and welcoming,” says Karen. “I learned so much from the more experienced photographers, they were generous with the sharing of their time and skills.”

The club offers critique nights where you can display your images and you can receive feedback and pointers on improving quality or composition. In recent months Karen says she’s helped new photographers understand the concepts of photo editing and submissions according to the rules of their digital display nights.

“That’s how I was treated when I first came. People took me under their wing and helped me and guided me and gave me tips. So I’m quite happy to do that now with others.”

This year, the club wants to be especially welcoming to new members and will begin a mentorship program where newer photographers can be paired with more experienced ones. As well, the club will hold workshops where professional photographers will come to talk about the various styles and techniques they use.

For example, this fall the club will bring in Marc Koegel, renowned throughout Canada for his stunning black and white landscapes.

“It just gives you more to choose from. You might think, hey that appeals to me, maybe I’ll try that,” says Karen.

Perhaps the best reason to join the club is that the members often go on photography outings to various locations throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond. Karen says one trip took her to Summerland in the Okanagan, B.C.’s beautiful and photogenic wine region.

“We went through the wineries, we went on the Kettle Valley Railway. We just had a great time together.”

This kind of networking can lead to bigger things, too. Through the club, Karen was introduced to the Travel Writers Association of British Columbia and won a kayaking trip through the Great Bear Rainforest, a seldom visited photographer’s paradise.

The first meeting of the 2016-17 season for the Delta Photo Club takes place Wednesday, Sept. 7 from 7:15-9:30 p.m. at Kin Village. Karen recommends getting there early to meet other people.

“It’s really good to socialize because if you’re intimidated or you’re uncomfortable a lot of the experienced photographers will reach out to you.”

The cost to join is $60 a year. For more information visit

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