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Popular Quilt Walk And Car Show returns to Ladner


If you missed the 1940s or 50s due to the pesky problem of not being born yet, there’s no need to fear. They’re coming back in style in Ladner on Aug. 21 with the 12th Annual Quilt Walk and Car Show.

This extraordinary event features a little something for everybody, with beautiful vintage cars from an era when good looks superseded fuel efficiency, gorgeously crafted and handmade quilts, authentic music, a pinup girl pageant, and so much more.

Billie’s Barbershop owner Adina Shore, organizer of the event for the Ladner Business Association, started the pinup pageant last year hosted by Dixie Delight and the Bobby Pinz Beauty Parlour.

The pageant features 25 women over the age of 18 who dress up in vintage clothing and hairstyles and walk around Ladner Village vying for your vote.

“Really it’s more about personality and charming people and having fun dressing up retro-vintage for the day and posing with the cars,” says Adina. “It’s just for fun, nobody’s getting judged based on the way they look.”

People’s choice awards are handed out for the winner, along with the pinup girl who is wearing the best outfit and also the best hairstyle. Adina says the pageant blends perfectly with the theme of the event.

“These ladies put a considerable amount of effort into their outfits. You can’t just go out and buy a 1950s outfit very easily. So they go to great lengths to try and look as authentic as possible.”


Other than the meat and potatoes of the vintage cars and classic quilts on display, Adina says they’re bringing in a 17-piece big band to perform vintage 1940s music, an authentic rockabilly band from Chilliwack, swing and dance clubs have been invited to come and dance on the streets, and there will be a beer garden in the parking lot of Sharkey’s Seafood Bar and Grille.

If you haven’t been down to Ladner Village in a while, this will be an opportunity for visitors to see the new and improved sidewalks and roads that Delta construction crews have been working on for months. Much of the ongoing road construction is scheduled to be completed a week before the event in order to showcase the best the Village has to offer.

“I think the Quilt Walk and Car Show is the most important event in terms of getting attention because with an event like that we’re able to reach all kinds of people with it,” says Adina, adding the purpose of the event is to simply get people into Ladner where they can discover how many other wonderful things there are to do and places to see.

“So come down to the Quilt Walk and Car Show but there’s also the Westham Island Herb Farm or Emma Lea Farms for the best ice cream you’ve ever had. Or go the Reifel Bird Sanctuary or go to a vineyard. You know, it’s pretty amazing here.”

The Quilt Walk and Car Show goes down from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 21. Vehicle registration for the event is still open until Aug. 11 and all other pertinent details can be found by visiting

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