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Boundary Bay Airshow: A great free event for the family

"Super Dave" Mathieson in his aerobatic aircraft called the MX2. Photo supplied courtesy the Corporation of Delta.

“Super Dave” Mathieson in his aerobatic aircraft called the MX2. Photo supplied courtesy the Corporation of Delta.

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… actually, it’s several planes and it’s all part of the annual Boundary Bay Airshow held July 23.

The airshow, sponsored by the Corporation of Delta and Alpha Aviation, is back and it’s bigger and better than ever. As one of the few remaining free admission airshows in the country, this event offers something for all families, from the excitement in the skies to plenty of activities to keep the kids busy.

As the airport is celebrating its 75th birthday in September, it’s appropriate that the airshow will be featuring relic aircraft from an era when the region was a training ground for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Featured airplanes includes the 1944 Lockheed P-38L Lightning, a unique twin boom design used by the U.S. to win the epic battles of the Pacific theatre against the Japanese in the Second World War. It was also nicknamed the “Fork-Tailed Devil” by the German Luftwaffe in North Africa.

Speaking of the Japanese, there will be a Ki-43 Hayabusa fighter plane made famous for heavy use in Kamikaze suicide attacks against the allies. Just 5,919 of these planes were made and few exist today!

There will also be many famous aviators at the airshow who you can meet and talk to about their lifetime of experience including Bud Granley, Ross Granley, Jon Melby, and David and Drew Watson.

Veteran airshow pilot and performer John Mrazek will wow spectactors with his Harvard Mark IV, “Pussycat II” which makes a spectacular aerial ballet that includes noise, smoke and dazzling amount of aerial skill. He’ll be joined by his son, Richard, also a talented a experienced pilot who will be in both an L29 Delfin and a Yak 18T for the show.

It’s not all about booming airplane engines and whining nose dives though. Come and see Grace Borsari take to the sky in her unique Eurocopter EC 120, the world’s quietest helicopter.

So bring your folding chair, sunglasses, sunscreen and hat and enjoy the show. For free!

Remember, the Boundary Bay Airport is located next to the ocean and can be windy throughout the day so dress or pack for the weather.

The Boundary Bay Airshow offers handicapped parking and washroom facilities. And while family pets are not allowed on site, service dogs are welcome.

The Boundary Bay Airport is located at 7800 Alpha Way. Visit for more information on directions, parking, attractions, performers and more.

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