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Studio Cloud 30 opens doors to music in Tsawwassen


Warren Dean Flandez with his wife Kat in their new Studio Cloud 30 location at the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall. Photo submitted.

As an accomplished musician Warren Dean Flandez knows what it takes to succeed in the competitive music industry. An instructor at Capilano University in their arts and entertainment management program, Warren recently released a Gospel EP that landed number two on the iTunes charts.

Known for his soul music and throwback Mo-town style, Warren originally hit the big time on the 2011 CBC show Cover Me Canada, outlasting the Simpson Brothers Band out of Tsawwassen.

Now he’s expanded his successful Vancouver business, Studio Cloud 30, to the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall to help aspiring musicians make their own mark.

Warren says he noticed that students were visiting their Vancouver studio from places like Steveston and Ladner and Tsawwassen – including two Delta Idol winners – and felt there could be a market South of the Fraser.

“We thought to ourselves, jeez, is there nothing really around like we have to offer? And we discovered that there wasn’t,” he says.

Warren says South Delta is “bubbling with talent” but doesn’t think there are many local avenues to develop the musical arts. This region is well-known for its breadth of world class hockey players, swimmers and football players, but not its musicians.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean that people are more into athletics here,” cautions Warren. “I think that maybe there just isn’t that many outlets for the arts here, so I just wanted to bring that to Tsawwassen and to Ladner and all the other neighbouring areas.”

The Studio Cloud 30 space at the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall. Photo submitted by Studio Cloud 30.

The Studio Cloud 30 space at the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall. Photo submitted by Studio Cloud 30.

Warren says that most music schools will teach specific methods and techniques that force students to conform to that style. Studio Cloud 30 customizes lessons to fit the needs of individual students who want to learn their way.

“They may come in and want something very specific and our instructors are able to create that for them. So I think that promotes better learning environment.”

And that’s important to Warren, based on his own personal experiences. When he was a child he was forced by his parents to go to piano lessons with a teacher who was rigid and inflexible to his musical tastes.

“I was going to quit and it wasn’t until the day that my parents switched instructors and he was into the same music I was into and that was really important.”

Warren says Studio Cloud 30 doesn’t just cater to children. They have a large clientele of adults and can offer professional coaching in voice, instrumental, drums, piano, guitar and violin along with other services like song-writing and stagecoaching.

Warren moved to Tsawwassen from Yaletown with his wife two years ago after initially wrestling with the allure of other cities in Metro Vancouver. He ultimately decided there’s more going on in South Delta.

“Having the beach a block away was huge. Being able to go paddleboarding, being able to go for walks, it being sunny here more than other places.”

And despite perceptions, South Delta is also incredibly close to Vancouver which makes commuting to his downtown Studio Cloud 30 no problem at all.

“And just the family community. You feel safe, you feel welcome.”

Editorial note – Warren Dean Flandez and his wife Kat Flandez employ 14 music professionals to teach at their studios, however their busy schedules do not permit them time to teach themselves.

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3 thoughts on “Studio Cloud 30 opens doors to music in Tsawwassen”

  1. Sarah says:

    This is exactly what Tsawwassen needs! I have visited the Vancouver location and it is exquisite, and have also been to their old location in Coal Harbour. I can’t wait to see the new Tsawwassen studio in person. My sister took some singing and stage performance coaching from them before she moved to Toronto and always complains that she hasn’t been able to find anything quite like it where she is. Way to go Studio Cloud 30!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Cool digs! Is that in the little strip mall?

    1. Something Good Magazine says:

      Yes, it’s right by the entrance to Boutique Blanche Intimates and Thrifty’s!

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