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Red Chair Travels through Ladner


If you think you’re well travelled, you’d probably be hard pressed to visit as many destinations as one rather famous inanimate object.

Clair Oates, who runs Clair’s Bed and Breakfast in Ladner with her husband Cliff, recently welcomed the wooden chair to the village that’s been part of Red Chair Travels since 2011.

Starting five years ago in Cape Cod, the red chair has travelled to bed and breakfasts throughout the United States and Canada. A logbook full of photographs and descriptions follows the chair wherever it goes, and is currently nearing the end of the fourth volume.

Clair says she was at a bed and breakfast conference in Delta and found out the chair was due to go to Alaska.

“I asked if there was any possibility of it coming to Ladner for a week and they said sure! So I’m trying to market Clair’s Bed and Breakfast but I’m also trying to market the Ladner Business Association and #DiscoverLadner,” says Clair, referring to the business community’s recent social media push to get more tourists visiting the region.

Red Chair Travels has its own Facebook and Instagram accounts so people can see where the chair has been and where it is presently. Some of the exotic locations have been widely shared on social media.

“I think when I come back in my second life I’m going to be a red chair,” says Clair, chuckling.

After Alaska the chair is off to its first European vacation. You can follow its journey at

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