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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Red Chair Travels through Ladner

If you think you’re well travelled, you’d probably be hard pressed to visit as many destinations as one rather famous inanimate object. Clair Oates, who runs Clair’s Bed and Breakfast in Ladner with her husband Cliff, recently welcomed the wooden chair to the village that’s

Irish shoes are dancing in Ladner

If you’ve seen one Irish Dance dress in a competition then… you’ve seen only one Irish Dance dress. In fact, much like the proverbial snowflake, no two are alike. That’s according to retired professional dancer Carolyn Robinson of North Delta, now the lead director at

Artists in the Village

Part of the charm of walking through the cobblestoned corridors of European cities is seeing the artists, brush in hand, bringing the urban landscape to life on the canvas. That idea is one which local artist Mary Ann Burrows would like to bring to Ladner