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Delta Career Fair: Commercial Pilot


Few human desires are more universal than the dream to spread your wings and soar through the sky like a bird. For some, that dream has become a reality by becoming a commercial pilot.

“There are people who will wake up in the morning and they don’t think it’s a good day unless they’re flying,” says Pat Kennedy, COO of Pacific Flying Club (PFC) at Boundary Bay Airport in Delta. “They’re passionate and those are typically the people that are going to do pretty well in the industry.”

If you’re looking for a career, it’s a great time to spread your wings and fly. Demand for commercial airline pilots is soaring because of the retiring “Boomer Generation” pilots even as airlines are increasing their fleet sizes.

Canada also has a great reputation for training pilots for international airlines, which means as a pilot you can get out and see the world. Literally.

“Our students can see the trend in the industry and they want to get out there as quickly as possible,” says Pat.

The course is challenging, with classes from Monday to Friday and  ights on the weekend, but ultimately rewarding according to James Hackney, a 22-year-old graduate from PFC and BCIT who works at Air North.

James is working on his instructor certification so he can teach other students how to fly while earning hours of experience toward working with a larger airline. He says the future is bright for pilots with many opportunities all over the country and abroad.

“During the program, me and my partner took a Cessna down to San Diego, for example,” he recalls. “So just the freedom to go wherever you like is really incredible.”

Pat says the industry is also welcoming to women, with four female instructors on staff at PFC.

Not sure if flying is for you? PFC offers a “test drive” for a 35 minute flight at a cost of $65.
Visit or call 604-946-0011 for more information or visit their information booth at the Delta Trades and Technical Career Fair.

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