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Bowen Therapy: Is It Right For You?

b22cbb2d4d478b34a007e33f1f3d26dcBowen Therapy is based on Tom Bowen’s recognition that the underlying cause of many health problems can be found in soft connective tissue that surrounds the nerves, bones, arteries, veins and muscles. Andrea Sandoval has been a certified Bowen Therapist since 2004, helping patients to ease their pain and discomfort in a safe and gentle manner.

Q: Who would most benefit from this kind of treatment?

A: Everyone and anyone can come for Bowen Therapy. Often people wait for pain to try Bowen. This isn’t necessary. Bowen can provide a tune-up to assist with resetting and rebalancing the body to its original blueprint of health. This can help stress, pain, sleep, digestion for overall health and wellbeing.

Q: How safe is this treatment from those who may be suffering from frailty?

A: Bowen is one of the best options for bodywork therapy for those seeking a non-invasive and gentle approach to their bodies and areas of concern. Bowen is very safe and can be used by anybody from newborn babies to the frail and elderly. It is extremely useful in cases where clients are in a lot of pain and discomfort and/or have mobility issues.

Q: Tell me about a client who benefitted from these treatments.

A: There is a client in particular who I met in 2012 desperately seeking help with a leg that had been terribly injured by a fall. She had lost feeling to the point it would buckle beneath her. She could not go anywhere without her cane, she’d have to find support along the wall to stand, she could not even bear weight on her leg or try and lift it. This affected her entire life and she had to leave her job. No one was able to provide her with answers to what was going on. Countless appointments with doctors and specialists didn’t help. She found Bowen and almost immediately there was a change. After her first session she had pain, something she hadn’t felt in a long time as her leg had been numb with absolutely no feeling. By her third appointment she came in with her cane in her hand but did not need it for support. She could bear weight on her leg, walk with confidence and didn’t have to continue with the fear that her leg would never come back to life again.

Q: Could children benefit from this?

A: Absolutely. It is always a pleasure to see young children come for Bowen. The great thing is how gentle it is. Bowen can help with the tumbles and falls of childhood. It can help with growing pains both physically and emotionally. It’s a therapy that “puts them together again” without having anything scary or invasive.

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