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Kim Baird fills a tall Order

A few days before the ninth anniversary of the ratification of Tsawwassen First Nations’ (TFN) historic Treaty, its former Chief received the prestigious Order of British Columbia for her remarkable work in that process. Kim Baird, 45, is known today as the architect of the


Chilukthan Sloughside Free Book Swap

Seeing the inside of the Ladner home of Margaret and Tod Jensen, it’s not difficult to understand why they’d be the creators behind the Chilukthan Sloughside free book swap. Their home is festooned and adorned with a wide variety of books, eclectic items and cultural


Caber the Caring K9

On the sunny sands of Centennial Beach, Caber the Delta Police Trauma K9 looks a lot like any dog out for a walk. But as I approach him there’s definitely something different about him. A calmness, a serenity to his friendly gaze. “He doesn’t have


A Day At the Farm in Ladner

The heat rising off the fields at Westham Island Herb Farm carries the rich smell of fertile soil amid the wafting fragrance of summer flowers. The resident donkey’s eyelids droop in the midday heat as a woman and her daughter pay him a visit. The


Seniors bus arrives in South Delta

After a busy lifetime of independence and self-reliance it can be a shock to aging seniors to suddenly find themselves unable to do basic things like visiting friends or going grocery shopping. That problem can be compounded by a lack of reliable transportation, either because